Who is   Mandirose


Growing up, I've always gone against the grain. It was everywhere from: I didn't like to play with dolls, to not liking the colors pink and red. I felt like it put me in the box of "being a girl". At a young age I recognized and challenged gender norms. It didn't stop there though, I was consciously aware of racism. My Father can even point at times that I would call it out in stores. At such a young age I fully didn't understand what was going on in society and why Gender Norms and Racism even exist. I came from a household that my Father taught me how to plaster walls and take care of my car, my Mother has passed down some of her recipes and strength. I lived in a mixed community and had friends from all cultural backgrounds. When we are young we don't understand that our environment isn't everyone else's environment. As I grew older and started seeing the inequality in the world, is when I became passionate about spreading awareness and making changes. 

I am a Sociologist at heart, I have my Sociology degree from Oregon State (Go Beav's), where I also studied Women and Gender Studies. I am a FEMINIST, ACTIVIST, and CREATOR. The F word scares a lot of people but I believe in equality of the sexes, no one sex is better than the other, but we are different. However, I am passionate that men get treated equal as well, and we do not put aside their needs and wants. I have marched in The Women's March, Black Lives Matter Marches, and Pride.


I have worked Non-Profit my whole career, organized and host multiple fundraisers, held donation drives for the unsheltered, and Christmas toy drives.


BrunchTalks was created to help continue this passion. I wanted to create a platform to spread awareness, educate on ways to change the inequalities, and help people spread their stories. We all have stories and from what I have learned, if these stories and experiences I am sharing on BrunchTalks touch at least one person and makes them question what they have only known to be true, then my purpose of BrunchTalks has been achieved. 

 I might say things that offend you, or make you uncomfortable, but we don't grow if we stay in our comfort zone. Join me on BrunchTalks, a community for those who want to share, listen, and learn. We all come from different walks of life and have a story, this is MY Story and MY Journey in helping society connect, advocate, and grow. 


The conversation has to continue.. the discussion is just the beginning. 

Our Mission

BrunchTalks mission is to provide a platform that allows for conversations to make one question what they know, learn a different perspective, and share ones story. Let's change the narrative together. It only takes one to spark the fire, but together we can change the system and rebuild. 


Our Vision

BrunchTalks Vision is to bring the community together. We want to build a society that the next generation won't have to go thru what we did. A society were you on hired on talent, not what you look like. One they will be proud to be a part of. Let's connect, share, build, and create. 

"Together We Rise"