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Bye 2020

A lot of us can't wait for this year to be over thinking that once 2021 starts there might be some sort of familiar from 2019 back. We can only plan for the best what is next, think back to what positives did come out of 2020, and be thankful for the now.

2020 in an odd way has been one of happiest years, but also the weirdest, scary, and sad years. Things I have missed are tangible material things of course we all have. Live events, concerts, just going out to the bar with my friends, travel, and just being in the same car or room with my friends. All things that we didn't realize has simple but important they are.

Social Interaction, I think the world learned a lot in regards to how much it plays a part in human happiness. As a species though I think we found ways to adapt, I have never Facetime or even talked on the phone so much with my friends as I have this year. Facetime birthday parties, Zoom Weddings, virtual Happy Hours. We all still found a way to connect and maybe even be closer.

I personal have never meet so many new people I would call friends. I joined a Latina network that connected me with some many women expanded their brands and it all brought us together. Some of these girls I now chat with on a daily. The growth some of us found this year is beyond.

BrunchTalks finally was birth. I say finally because it was an idea I have been sitting on for years and was not in the right mind set to start it. The universe is opening doors with it, stuff that surprises myself when I see the emails and messages.

We seen the start to a change in society, and also seen the ugly in the country. There is a divide in this county and the work is not done. The marches, the protest, the awareness was just a start. If anything is a part of 2021 goals for anyone it is to continue the movement in which every way you are part of it. Not all of us are meant to be on the ground, not all of us can afford to donate, but we can all help in which ever way our part is. The goal is to make this place a safer and more equal for the next generation, so they don't have to go thru what we did.

It was a weird year and a post like this could go on forever on what we seen and witness for the first time in our lives. We all lived it, we all know what happen, we all are still dealing with what is going on. My family as thousands of others have been touched by the loss due to the virus. Not being able to be there physically, seeing people have babies and the grandparents, aunts, and uncles can't even visit. It's been a hard year and however you got thru it, be proud of yourself.

As the great Albus Dumbledore once said "Happiness can be found, even is the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light." I witnessed love this year in so many ways. I witnessed a zoom wedding, attended a bridal shower, a friend brought new life into this world, friends came together to celebrate birthdays (in a safe way), people's donation to causes were incredible, and communities came together. I've meet happiness, an incredible energy that has given nothing but support, mind challenges, laughs, passion, comfort, encouragement, and the blocks to build.

2021 we enter the year not really knowing when we can all gather together again. Don't let it discourage you for your goals. Take time to reflect on this year and what you want to grown on next year. Think about the things that are important to you, things you want to do and accomplish, and things maybe you want to be better at. Vision Boards are great, goal setting journals, digital maps, whatever works for you. Most important take time for yourself, take care of yourself, and enjoy life.

Stay Safe Everyone / Together We Rise

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