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Heroicouture & Vanessa Villa


A clothing line for our inner grown geek. Sandra Botero found a niche market when she herself was looking for clothing and accessories that was for the grown adult, but still had a love for the "geek" and "nerdy". Most options are more targeted towards teenagers or early 20's. What about us over our 30's? Heroicouture is your answer. All her patterns are designed exclusively by her or her daughter who is also a comic book illustrator/ tattoo artist. Sandra's husband is also a comic book artist (they have an incredibly beautiful love story by the way). If you have a love for Star Wars, Wonder Woman, Umbrella Academy, Captain Marvel, or RGB. She has something for you. Head over to her site or follow her on instagram @heroicouture to check her her collection, and she was she has dropping this year.

Vanessa Villa

Vanessa Villa has been a licensed realtor for 16 years. She works with First Team Real Estate Company. She prides herself in educating the community on how to achieve the American Dream of owning a home. She also educates in how to grow and build your wealth in real estate. Vanessa offers consultations so you can find out where you stand financially and decide on what goals to set that will get you ready to buy a house. Even if you aren't ready today but know you want a house in a few years, take the first step of knowing where you stand so you can achieve those goals. Vanessa does both residential and commercials. If a home is on your 2021 vision reach out to Vanessa and she can help. She can be reached on her instagram @vanessabvilla

Check back next week for our two new business highlights.

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