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Let's face it we are going into another shut down, its cold out side, we probably have watched everything on TV, why not read or LISTEN to some books. Recently I was introduced to Audible. Yes it is great I love with it, just put the book on while I work or am doing something, but can still hear it. I don't have to sit and read, I can multitask while listening. My only issue with Audible was not the membership, because yes they have monthly memberships. Thats fine I don't mind paying for a service. The cost of books even after the membership though. I could have easy spent $100 in one day listening to a few books I wanted to hear. I am not Beyonce, I am not spending that much in one day just on books. Then what about the next day when I want to hear more.

Then I remembered the LIBRARY. I have always had a library card, still would go when everything was open. What most people don't know though it there is an app called OverDrive. It digitally links you to all the libraries. You will need a library card tho. So how do you get a Library card with all of them being closed, most now offer insta free digital cards. Visit your local libraries website and find the area for applying for a card, then look for apply for digital card. This is what the form looks line for my library. You fill it out then send you a text then you get a digital card number.

From there open your OverDrive app and sign in with your digital card number. Once you do that it syncs you with your county library and you can begin browsing. Now you can borrow ebooks and you can also borrow Audible books. Make sure you choose the audible format, it will tell you to download the mp3 and then you are good to go. You get the audible books for about 14 days and they automatically go back once that expires or you can return them ahead of time. The best thing all free. I listened to three books the other day, all of them would have cost me around $20 each on audible, I saved around $60. You can also choose to go on the waitlist if the book you want is already checked out.

Hoped everyone finds some good listens or reads out there. Drop me some comments on your favorite books so I can add them to my list.

Two of my more recents recommendations:

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