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Nana's Garden & A La Carte Media Consulting

Nana's Garden

If you are a sage burner or bath salts user you probably also look into where did they come from and what was used to grow it. I know personally I like to get my smudge stick from people who grow and make their own. Nana's Garden is one of those companies. They grown in their own garden and produce all their products as well. Nana’s Garden is committed to bringing environmentally friendly bath, body and spiritual items. They combine research and knowledge of science and spirituality to bring quality and healing products. Their business incorporates prayers that have been handed down for generations and a percentage of each purchase is donated to a nature/animal or social justice organization.

You can find their shop on Etsy Nana's Garden and follow them on instagram @nanasgardentx

A La Carte Media Consulting

A La Carte Media Consulting was created by Christa when she noticed there was an opportunity that was being missed in Media Consulting. She spent her entire career working at big ad agencies and while the model worked well for large clients, there was a ton of missed opportunity when it came to small and mid-sized businesses. Christa decided to make that whitespace hers and started a media/advertising consulting business built with flexible options to fit all client sizes. If you are looking to grow your social media presence, need help branding, or coming up with ideas A La Carte has your back. Check out their website A LA Carte Media Consulting and follow them on instagram @alacartemediaconsulting

Check back next week to see who we highlight!

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