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Small Business Saturday

Holiday season is right upon us, which means a lot of us will need to start SHOPPING soon. Most of us will go the easiest route such as easy online shopping.

This year with all that has gone on, we should approach our holiday shopping a little different. Before you hit the buy button on those big corporation websites, think about all the Small Business's you can support. Buy some handmade goods, anything from clothing items, accessories, and even mask. We all still need to wear them. Maybe you want to try a new beauty item, look into some small independent brands. Craving something new, check out some mom and pop food joints. Get creative and buy an experience instead of a physical gift. We have all been stuck inside for months book a photo shot for you and your partner or better yet with your siblings and give those to your parents for the holiday.

Small Business's have been hit hard due to covid. When I walk around some of my local downtowns I see so many shops closed. This is more than just a person loosing their business, they could be loosing the only income in their house hold, and a dream they spent years building. Yelp released a Local Economic Impact Report with some unsettling stats. 132,580 businesses are marked as closed, while 97,966 are permanently closed. Restaurants and Retail rank among the business's that are being hit the hardest. While California and Los Angeles come in with the most closures.

So what can we do to help our own community? SHOP LOCAL, SUPPORT FAMILY AND FRIEND'S BRANDS, AND SUPPORT SMALL BUSINESS. Keep the money in our own community. To help out, I reached out and ask some small business's for their info (website and instagram handle) so I could share it with you. I also included some of my own favorites. I hope you enjoy also feel free to tag your own business in the comments.


Artelexia -Retail Store




Cee’s- CDB Scrubs and more


Covar Beauty - Beauty


Crear Con Alma – Handmade products with a purpose


FOR TMRW - Non-toxic nail care

Glowgang Co - Latina collective, empowering apparel


Heroicouture -Clothing and Accessories


Hola Mijas Bonitas-Stationary


I Am My Own Design – copper wrapped crystal jewelry @iammyowndesign

Kitsune Beauty – lip balms


La Villa Goods - Hand Crafted Goods


millyt_styles – sells pre owned high end authentic bags


Mujerlashes_ - Accessories and lashes


Sanara, plant-based skincare celebrating indigenous Latin American botanicals.


Sunset JWLZ - Jewelry



Chief’s Catering


Colibri & Co. - Inspiring Positivity & Transformation


ELLA Inspires Magazine

IG: @ellainspires_mag

Jessica’s Roses - Floralist


Katia - Financial education


Medic Up Consulting LLC @medicupconsulting

Nacerá Photography

Oak & Poppy Events – Party Supply and Rental


Querubina Insurance

Rosary Vision -Photography


Sasha - Nutrition & Fitness Coach


Sonia - Life Coach


Tiny Warrior Wellness. – Self Love and Wellness


The CEO home - Business Start Up Help


Vanessa B Villa – Real Estate


Wonder Wall Space -Event Space Rental



Bee’s Scrumptious Creations


Edna Vees - Restaurant


Espresso Mi Cultura - Coffee Shop


Garduno’s Taco King


Mammas Juicrey


Muy Yummy – Vegan


Sugar Lees Cookies


YUCA'S RESTAURANTS Yucatan fare, and other Mexican/American favorites. @yucasla

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