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Stylish Sista & BoriCubi

Stylish Sista

Stylish Sista is a black-owned, art shop of stickers, prints, and body-positivity. They are based deep in the heart of Brooklyn, NY. You can grab stickers for some inspiration and empowerment. Looking for some that slay and are savage, they got those too. Want to show everyone you are proud of who you are, put that sticker on your favorite surface for everyone to see. Their mission is to inspire and uplift people by creating art that people are able to see themselves in. You can check out their shop on Etsy Stylish Sista and follow them on insta @shopstylishsista to see what they are dropping next.


Boricubi features artwork creations and adornments by Afro Latina artist, Jolín Miranda. Her artwork is made to empower women with self love and representation. Her characters she has created in her designs show case the culture beautifully. The fashion, makeup, earrings, hair styles, all of the details connect back to the culture. Many of her pieces are designed to inspire WOC with emphasis on her Afro-Puerto Rican and Cuban roots. Visit her website to see more of her work and follow her on instagram @boricubi to keep to to date with all her latest work.

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