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The Community Fridge

If you are looking for an organization that is constantly giving back to the community head over to LA Community Fridges. These are Community Fridges set up in locations all over Los Angeles and San Gabriel Valley that anyone can grab food from when they need it. The fridges are hosted by local business's and they are cleaned and stocked by volunteers. This is a great by the community, for the community organization. Sometimes we forgot how would we save food without a fridge, or even take for granted our easy access to food. Forgetting those who's everyday, getting a meal is a struggle. This organization is trying to change the narrative and allow the community to give back to those in need. Anyone can go and put food in the fridge as well as anyone can go and take what they need.

Click here for a map of all their fridges. For information on what kind of food they take, how to host a fridge or to get involved please click here.

If you think you know a business that would love to host a fridge, head over to their instagram @lacommunityfridges

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