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The Power of Words- 30 Day Challenge

On one of our episodes we invited Jenny Patton on to talk about Procabulary and the power of our words and language. We use words everyday when talking to people, texting, and even talking about ourselves. Do we really pay attention to what we are saying though? Think about how many times you have said something as simple as "Maybe i'll clean today", or "I might start eating better". I am sure we have all said that at least a few times in our life. What happens though when words like Maybe and Might become a constant. We are giving ourselves an out and we didn't even realize it. Accountability is huge to achieve anything in life. Switching up your words is that start to holding yourself accountable. Instead of saying maybe i will do something, say "I WILL work out today". Those direct statements might be something we internally fear, because we know if we don't do them we are letting ourselves down, so it's easier to say MAYBE. Once we start changing the perspective on how we talk with ourselves it will start changing the relationships around us well. Even statements like "I can't change" can you really not change or you just choosing not to change because you are scared of the process and results.

In the episode Jenny purposes a challenge for everyone listening. For 30 days take the Soft Talk Challenge. This means that in those 30 days try to limit the use of the following words:




Sort Of

Feels Like

Almost Like



One Day


After the 30 days look back and see if anything changed. Do you now talk about yourself different. Was it hard to limit the use of these words? Leave a comment and let BrunchTalks know how it went. We are excited to see your feed back.

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