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Women's Day

March 8th is know as Women's Day and I couldn't think of a better way to celebrate it then highlight my closest girlfriends/cousins. Each of them special to me in their own way and each of them 100% keep it real when needed.


I have know this lady since 1st grade. We literally have been through it all. Complete opposites but yet we remained best friends this whole time. Karlee has been woman who always known what she wanted and went after it. From grade school on she always wanted to be a teacher and thats what she did. She is now a Special Education teacher, touching the lives of so many kids. Her dedication to her students and always putting their education and best interest as her top priority speaks volumes of her. She has also gifted me with my godson one of the coolest little boys to exist. When people say friendships don't survive distance or life long friends don't exist, I guess her and I broke the mold. Living in different states we still talk everyday and I probably see her more in person then I do some people that live 10 minutes from me. Karlee your passion has always inspired me and I am proud of you every day. Thanks for being there through it all.


Shawwwtyyyy, and my ride or die. Glenda is my other best friend we have know each other since middle school so another life long friend if you ask me. This girl is a Fierce Ass Queen. She runs her family business with her mom, she is a philanthropist even though she don't talk about it much. She runs her grandfathers foundation back in El Salvador, on top of always just helping people out in general. If she wants something she gets it. We went through college together and graduated the same year, different schools, but we shared the experience together. We have frenchies that are only two weeks apart they are besties too. She has always been there for me and even more when I needed a little reality check. Glenda I couldn't have done it all without you. You have taught me a lot and helped me see things from other perspectives. We will both keep growing Shawty and keep winning or as you would say "get that shmmoney" (Glenda is also a comedian if you don't know)


The famous NEIGHBOR and also the newest to my crew. We lived on the same block growing up but didn't know each other till the last two years when we both had returned to the block. Literally 4 houses down. Giirlll you give with your heart and without second thought. You are always willing to help, donate, volunteer time, it is amazing how selfless and giving you are. Your passion with the kids at the school you work with, and how much you are invested into their lives bring better is beyond words, all schools need a Jasmin working there. Keep after those dreams girl, I know school is a long road but just like you are always there cheering me on, I am rooting you on. Thanks for the random nights out, the laughs, the quarantine wine nights. How I would have survived quarantine without you down the street I don't know.


Luci this women right here I have always seen as strength and logic. Luci you have literally helped me in so many ways with to take a step back look at the situation, and think logically before I make a choice. Beauty, Strength, Direct, and you always have your friends best interest at heart. How you have worked so hard in your life to get everything you want I have always admired about you. Thanks for all the talks, food outings, and our random love for fries. I will always remember our random brunches that go from one drink to... I don't know but we for sure get fries at the next stop. Always stay you, and stay amazing.


My cousin and my Aries Sister. Cousin watching you grow has been amazing. Seeing the woman you are now and having your own business, I am always a proud older cousin. We both bring that Aries energy and let's just say it can be some fire when we together. Thanks for sharing tears with me and "bad influence" to hit the check out button to spoil myself hahhaha. Life has given you a lot of battles but you have been resilient, and had more strength than I can imagine in certain situations. Love you always Cousin. "P.S. its Almost Aries Season"


I always tell people, thats my nurse cousin. Hahahha to me it's like you have the answers to all things medical. The best is you know me so well, you always tell people "get my cousin snacks before she gets hangry", or "change this before my cousin falls asleep". What you deal with and you know what I am talking about and yet to always still be positive and laugh, you are fire girl. Down for the cause and always willing to help the community. Stay amazing, and thanks for being more like a sister then just a cousin.


I was't given a sister and let's be real, I probably wouldn't of wanted to share my stuff with them anyways, you tho have always been an older sister to me and I am okay with sharing my food with you. I have always known if I am ever in true trouble or someone just getting out of hand, I can call you, that hair will go up real fast. I also always talk about you, thats my VeganChef Cousin. try her food its bomb. That's no lie either if you don't know her company is Muy Yummy. Thanks for enjoying our 30's together. The best is when we thought we could club in our 30's one night is all we had in us hahahahha. We did survive Hard Summer in our 30's, gotta be proud of that. Keep saving the animals, one day we will have a ranch for all the ones we can save. Thanks for always being there through all the tough and crazy times.

Now who is down for brunch..... all these memories we need to make more!

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